What You Need to Know About Frozen Pipes

metal pipe with iciclesThis year’s drastic drop in temperature is not only increasing the chances of fires but also frozen and busted pipes. Why are frozen pipes dangerous. Once you’re facing frozen pipes, you’re also facing a lack of running water which means no showers, no washing dishes, or things like making coffee or providing water for your pets. This also means there is a potential to burst. Once the water in the pipe freezes, a pressure is created and builds between the blockage and faucet, and can build to an explosion. Pipes that are vulnerable to freezing
  • Southern Climates – This means us! We are not used to temps this low and must be extra careful. Pipes in our climate are particularly vulnerable since we rarely see temps at or lower than 32 degrees, and a lot of our areas have water pipes that are not insulated against cold.
  • Exterior Walls (again, due to lack of proper insulation.
  • Attics Signs to look for that indicate frozen pipes:
  1. Temperature is right – when temperature falls to 32 degrees or lower, you should beginto take precautions.
  2. There is frost on the pipe – pipes that can be easily seen, such as those under sinks, should be checked for frost.
  3. No water is coming out of the faucet – if there is little to no water trickling out, this is a solid indication you may have frozen pipes.
  4. Strange smells – if a pipe is partially or completely blocked, the only way the odor can escape is back up in the direction of your property.
Now that you know what to look for, here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do –DO – turn off the main water valve to the house and leave the faucets open.DON’T – use any open flame to attempt to thaw the pipe.DON’T – use an electric heater or hair dryer directly on the pipe as any leaking water cancause an electrocution hazard.DO – let the heat of the house get to the pipe by opening cabinets or crawl space doors.DON’T – call a plumber out to thaw out piping as it’s very expensive and time-consuming.DO – have plenty of patience as it’s going to take time to thaw the pipes.Call Complete for any water emergency you may have as a result of frozen or busted pipes! We’re here for you 24/7 and we’ll make sure you get exactly the help you need as soon as you need it. We’re here for the Pensacola, Pace, and Milton areas as well as Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, and Panama City.

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