Hurricane Season Is Near! Are you ready?


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Anybody know what's right around the corner? That's right, you said it.... Hurricane Season! Hurricane season is just 11 days away ! Starting June 1 to November 30 of the 2015 year, every American living on the coast will be on the lookout for a hurricane to be making landfall. Did you know that is has been almost a decade since Florida has had a major hurricane make landfall? Being prepared is extremely important, not only for your safety, but for your families as well.

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First off, what exactly is a hurricane? A hurricane is defined as a violent, tropical, cyclonic storm of the western North Atlantic that has wind speeds greater than 72 mph. Being prepared for a hurricane is not only safer, but it will be much more convenient when and if the time comes to get prepared. Just think, you'll be fighting the crowds in Wal-Mart to get nonperishable food, water, gas, flashlights, batteries, the list of things you need goes on and on. Even beginning to think about what to do to get prepared can be a bit overwhelming. Check out the American Red Cross website here to learn how to prepare, respond, and recover in case of a hurricane.Now is the perfect time to get prepared for a hurricane! Why? National Hurricane Preparedness Week is next week (May 24-May 30)! A hurricane should not be taken lightly, as the results can be detrimental. It can happen to you. The hurricane forecast for 2015 seems to be a bit average. Take a look at the forecast courtesy of The Weather Channel here.What happens if your home is affected by a hurricane? Who do you call? Call Complete! Don’t leave the burden of cleaning up the mess confined to yourself; call Complete 24/7 even after a hurricane! That’s right! Complete can assist you in several areas of storm cleanup services to include but not limited to:• Partially uprooted trees• Branches, limbs, and leaning trees on vehicles or roof• Split branches hanging by a thread• Broken limbs hung up in other limbs• Uprooted trees against another tree• Uprooted trees on the road• Tree debrisCall Complete in Pensacola at 850.225.5354 (850.CALL.DKI).

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