Mold Cleanup in Mobile, AL

mold on a wood ceilingAre you in need of Mold Cleanup in Mobile, AL? Mold can grow practically anywhere, all it needs is 3 things in order to flourish. These 3 things are; moisture, food, and a warm temperature. Mold spores need a moist or damp area in order to grow; leaky pipes are prime candidates! Like any other living thing, mold needs food. By food I mean porous materials such as, beds, pillow, couches etc. Note it is near impossible to remove mold from these types of surfaces and it is best to just get new ones to protect your health.Of course mold needs a nice temperature to grow, anywhere from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for mold growth. Prime conditions in order for mold to grow in a home is, the environment having a humidity rate higher than 50%, damp/dusty conditions, and stagnant air.  What can you do to make unfavorable conditions for mold? Good question! Make sure to have good circulation through your home, get rid of any dampness or moisture, have dry air indoors, and keep that humidity out!A lot of people don’t know the dangers of mold. Here are a couple things people often misconstrue about mold:no
  1. If it is dead, it is safe. NO! Either way, mold is harmful to our bodies and can really hurt our lungs.
  2. “Oh I’ll just put bleach on it, it’ll be fine! Bleach cures anything!” Wrong! While bleach does help kill some of the bacteria, it does more harm than it does good. By putting bleach on the mold, you’re supplying it a moist surface to move around on.This is why it is best to call Complete to help you with your entire Mold Cleanup needs in Mobile, AL. Remember, the testing for mold and the remediation of it must be done separately (meaning by different companies) !
So, how can Complete help with your mold remediation needs in Mobile, AL ? As mold remediation experts, Complete of Mobile, AL can offer you several different services such as:• Mold removal and remediation services• Mold mitigation and reconstruction services• Water damage mitigation services• Leak detection and repair services• Black Mold Removal services• Mold Damage Repair services• Odor removal services• Mold Prevention services Complete uses the most up to date equipment and sets the bar high for industry standards to get you and your family back to normal as soon as possible. Our nationwide team of remediation experts can asses and mitigate almost any project! Complete is here to help and serve you for all your mold remediation needs in Mobile, AL. Give our full service Mobile location a call today at 850 .CALL.DKI .

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