Shining Team Moments

Hurricane Michael hit, impacting so many people, homes, and businesses in Panama City and surrounding areas. Our team was prepared and geared up to immediately begin taking calls and organizing teams to send out as soon as possible. Working around curfews, road closures, and getting into the city, our clients were patient, understanding, and thankful. After two months of storm response and working tirelessly to help all that we could (and really, it was only the beginning), we took time to recognize moments when our team lived and breathed our core values.

Sarah Hempel – Accounts Payable

Sarah worked long hours each day, and continues to, while making sure to communicate with people across the company. While there was a day that demanded her time elsewhere, she still made sure to stay looped in and came back working as hard as ever. Constantly open to learning in order to perform her job better as well as assist others, she never stopped pushing and never lost her empathy; her compassion is inspiring. She definitely exhibits Heart and Teamwork.

Brian Lee and Adam Lee – Senior Mit PM and Mit Tech

These two both exhibit Excellence and Teamwork. These two were crucial in the day to day routine and worked non-stop for several weeks without days off. Neither showed signs of stress to the owners and managers they worked with and always kept their heads high. Brian's experience, attention to detail, and leadership is what kept the teams going. Adam's ability to organize the teams, provide direction, provide training to crews and lead by example were integral to get the job done within the timeframe given.

Kevin Weaver – Asset Manager

He went above and beyond, working long hours to ensure the entire company (both at home in Pensacola and further out in Panama City) had the equipment they needed and keep things moving. He especially lived up to Teamwork and Ownership by also personally taking care of logistics, keeping an upbeat pace, not slowing down, and being there every step of the way right there with the rest of us.

Group Effort – Loss Prevention

Kevin, Alex, John Henry, Mark, Kyler, and Matt saw and quickly reacted to three men breaking into one of our company trucks. This group displayed Ownership and Teamwork by coming together to ensure nothing was lost so we could continue to assist those in need, as well as playing a role in helping the police catch the men involved.

Tiffany Cullen – Residential Marketing Rep

Tiffany was instrumental in helping the mitigation team get supplies, food, and amenities to our team members staying and working in Panama City Beach. She's a Panama City local and spent many hours traveling back and forth to help our main hub in Pensacola answer phones and assist homeowners as well as helping our crews in various ways back in Panama City.

Megan Do – Social Media Coordinator

She represented Teamwork, Professionalism, and Excellence by stepping up and taking on different roles through this time. She answered phones, assisted in entering job information, accepted/updated jobs, and helped obtain any missing information needed. She assisted our crews in Panama City with paperwork that was required. Her willingness to help everyone with a smile and with a cool, calm, collective demeanor is what stood out to me. She also displayed Heart – every task she did, she did with others in mind. You could tell by her conversations with clients that they were being put at ease and felt comfortable knowing they were in good hands when choosing Complete. She constantly checked on her teammates and the compassion she showed for our clients truly shows why I'm thankful to have her as a teammate and friend.

Rain Coleman – Contents Tech

He demonstrated Ownership when he stepped up to oversee and manage our 23,000 sqft storage facility. He carefully organized, mapped out and orchestrated a bulletproof plan to handle multiple crews unloading and storing contents as well as updating management with the supply inventory.

Tina Brackin – Crew Leader

She went head first into the storm response and has been handling multiple crews with outstanding organization and communication. Tina represents the core value Excellence with a lead by example attitude that is unparalleled.

Grant Hofberger – Project Manager

Grant represents Heart because of his tireless efforts to bring as many people and businesses back to normalcy as possible by organizing and utilizing as many possible crews to get the job done.

Jeri Rivera – Quality Control Manager

Since wonder woman is not one of our core values, the word that best describes Jeri's work is Excellence. She is very thorough and will go above and beyond to help with anything needed. She has a great attitude when you ask for help and will take time out of her very busy day to not only help, but make sure everything is going smoothly. Her interactions with clients, team members, and agents are always positive. Thankful to have her as a teammate!

Kyler Richmond – Lead Tech

Kyler consistently made himself available to answer questions whether it was paperwork or technical. Everyone was busy, yet he still made time to explain or assist with paperwork as so many of us were new to that. He always carries himself in a professional manner, which inspires others to follow and look to him for help. Teamwork and Professionalism are values you can easily pair with him, and it makes the team feel as if there was no reason to panic or stress when we can call on someone for advice.

John Henry Hughes – Mit Tech

John Henry called to check on everyone almost every day even if he was not on that crew. He sincerely cared about how people were feeling, and if they needed a helping hand he would do what he could to help out. He takes pride in his name and does not like it incorporated with anything untrustworthy or negative. He talks about clients always wanting to do more for them during their time of disaster. He demonstrates Heart for our clients and Teamwork checking on us daily. It made us feel like a team even though we were spread out over the city.

Amber Stepter – Residential Marketing Rep

Amber stepped up during the storm leaving behind her duties as a residential marketing rep in order to help with operations. She placed the team and clients ahead of herself in order to tackle this role with her usual enthusiasm and strong work ethic. She provided excellent communication with clients, potential clients, and the Complete team. Knowing her role in helping through this time was critical, she never complained or had a bad attitude. She embodied all of our core values during the storm – Excellence, Heart, Ownership, Professionalism, and Teamwork. She truly put the needs of the clients, the team, and Complete above her own while delivering excellent service with a sincere and compassionate heart both externally and internally. She did an amazing job jumping into a different role and picking up duties for the sake of the clients and the team.

Mark Meece – Vice President of Operations

What really stuck out was his leadership, organization, ability to quarterback the entire operations team, his strategic ability of getting everything done that needed to be done, and his experience that he brought to the team and company during a catastrophic disaster. He remained patient, led the team, organized, and calmed employees, homeowners, and adjusters when they felt overwhelmed. He showed leadership and the ability to remain cool, calm, and collected during a very hectic time.

Ashlee Carpentier – Vice President, Owner

You went back and forth to Panama City and made all decisions from making sure we had food delivered to buying new equipment to get jobs completed. Thank you for checking on us and all important necessities like bed, shelter, bathrooms, and dumpsters. You are extremely strong and intelligent and it shows through Complete. We all see the extracurricular things you do from employee appreciation to community event organization. So if nobody has said it: Thank you and you rock!

Shaun Carpentier – President, Owner

Shaun spent time with our crews in Panama City over dinner, including those who worked with us on a temporary basis. The people that worked with us only through the storm became our friends and were extraordinary, and we respected them very much. Shaun must have understood because I've never seen an employer treat strangers to dinner or go the extra mile like he did. It represented our values of Heart, not only caring sincerely about our clients but his employees. He showed Teamwork by showing gratitude for us and the people helping us, which we held in high esteem. It made the team feel like our bosses appreciated all we were doing, and was amazing to see him treating workers from outside the company like family. It feels good to work for a company like that.Our Complete family is just that – family. Our team strives to do and be better for our clients every day, and we always work and seek out new ways to support each other. Thank you to all of those who have reached out and worked with us, and thank you to every single member of our team. Our family wouldn't be the same without you, and your hard work and sacrifices are always appreciated.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Our emergency response teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the most up-to-date technologies and is proud to employ quality professionals with superior skills and certifications. Our team is fully insured, licensed, and is registered to do business in the Pensacola, FL, Tallahassee, FL, and Mobile, AL areas.