Complete Assists Elderly Resident with Roof Damage Repair

Project Overview

Loss Type:
Roof Damage
Building Type:
Complete - Pensacola Office
Spring 2018

Due to an improperly installed roof, 92-year-old Mrs. Coker, experienced a severe leak with water pouring into her home. Her insurance agent referred her to [company,data=name].

Immediately, Complete prioritized what needed to be done. First, they stopped the water intrusion, by climbing on the roof and installing two 20 x 30-foot and two 8 x 8-foot tarps. Next, they emptied the buckets and tubs of water Mrs. Coker had collected from the leak. The lead tech took moisture readings and infrared images for documentation purposes. Then, after installing drying equipment, the team diligently walked Mrs. Coker through her home to point out to her any tripping hazards the equipment might present.

Throughout the entire claim process, Complete's project coordinator worked with Mrs. Coker and her insurance adjuster to ensure complete communication.

Usually we run into a client crying when we first show up at their house when they are experiencing a nightmare that has happened. Today, this client was crying when we went to pull the equipment out of her house because she wasn't going to see us again. She said she was grateful and blessed that a company like us came into her life and helped her. She cried in Forrest's arms for 10 minutes because we were leaving. She was talking about all the hard times she has gone through being 91 years old. Even though we get paid to do what we do, we are out here making an impact on folks during a hard time in their life. As we were tearing up we were reminded of how blessed we are to be working with a team that changes people's lives.

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