The Tennyson

Project Overview

Loss Type:
Water/Flood Damage
Building Type:
Condominium Complex
Complete - Pensacola Office
May 2018

On Memorial Day weekend in 2018, the Tennyson, a prestigious condominium in downtown Tallahassee, experienced flood damage from a main supply line on the 12th floor. The areas affected included: 41 units, 8 hallways and 8 stairwells.

The property manager called Complete, and within just 20 minutes, their mitigation project manager was on site ready to assess the damages. Three technicians arrived 40 minutes later, and within three hours of the initial call, Complete was able to respond in full force with 12 team members, two trailers of equipment and several box trucks on site. The following day, the team secured additional labor and assigned each technician a crew to continue the work from the night prior.

Unfortunately, during the process, the team encountered several hurdles:

First, they discovered that the majority of the units were secondary homes and were not currently occupied. So, they worked closely with the property manager to inform those unit's owners of the damages and recovery process through email notifications, thoroughly explaining the situation and the recovery process. In order to keep the property manager involved and up-to-date, Complete provided a live link to watch the progress of the loss in real time. Any activity on the loss was documented and available immediately via the link.

Next, while continuing the drying-out process, the team determined that the amount of equipment needed to properly dry out the entire complex was overwhelming the power system. In order to sufficiently complete this process, Complete had to bring in electrical tradesman who could set up power distribution boxes to run the equipment. This allowed complete dry-out within just seven days.

Regardless of the complications they experienced along the way, Complete was able to partner with the property manager and provide streamlined communication throughout, resulting in expedited and efficient mitigation and reconstruction. The team worked day and night including during the holiday weekend to successfully complete the job, and reconstruction for the common areas was completed within two and a half weeks.

I cannot speak highly enough of the crews that have been here. Michael really took charge and remained in charge through even some adversarial times. I would have wanted no one else other than Complete by our side.

The Tennyson