Customer Testimonials

Dear Shaun and Ashlee:

I do not know even where to begin. This past year has been one of the most difficult I personally have ever faced. On March 1, 2020, I became the manager and in two weeks COVID hit. A year later, the "winter storm" came. I had no idea what to do. Then, along came all of you plus a big semi-truck! You cannot imagine how blessed I have been to have all of you here. My residents have loved you and hated to see you go. They forgot the catastrophe that brought you! That is amazing in "senior world".

Both of you, Luke, Grant, Tena, Kyler, Jesus, and so many more have made this time manageable. I appreciate everyone so much. I was a little nervous when Ashlee left. But I must let you know; you left the right person in charge. Jesus did a fabulous job. He kept me informed, he was comforting, and he knew what he was talking about. I can see why you put such responsibility in his hands. Some surprises popped up at the end, but Jesus took control of them. At his departure, I know we are ready for the next step.

Anyone who has a disaster is getting your name and number from me. If I have any more disasters, I am calling you right away. I already miss seeing you. If I come to Pensacola, I will drop in to say hello.

Blessings to you all,
Susan Grayson
General Manager

Susan Grayson, General Manager, Chateau of Wildbriar Lake

Complete DKI,

I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Complete DKI for their amazing service to our community and the Foley Fire Department. We had the opportunity to partner with you and use your Fire Safety House at our Kid's Camp this past summer in addition to our safety day at OWA. We were so impressed with their attentiveness to the community. Being able to provide us with this tool to further educate the community on fire safety was truly an asset to our events. To say it was a blast would be an understatement!

In addition to that, we enjoyed having their employees present at these events. Not only were they professional but they were smiling and even excited to be there with us. They were able to speak on the services that Complete DKI can provide and how they can assist in the event of a fire or water emergency. Not only that, they also passed out pet stickers to the children, police officers and firefighters that were present. What is amazing about these stickers is that they provide information on Complete DKI as well as an option to list the number of pets and people living in the home. We love this tool because once they are placed in a visible area in the home, during a fire our firefighters can locate any pets left behind and rescue them. The children were able to relate because many of them have pets at home, and it ties in so well with what we teach them about fire safety.

I am looking forward to doing many more events with Complete DKI in the future. I am confident about the services that they have provided for us and I am certain that they would continue to be an asset to the public education of our community. We look forward to continue to partner with DKI in the future. Thank you for time.

Best Regards,
Kevin Barnwell
Foley Fire Department
Public Education Coordinator

Kevin Barnwell, Foley Fire Department

To Whom It May Concern:

On Friday, July 20, 2018 around 8:00 PM Pilot House unit 301 at Gateway Condominiums experienced a main line block that caused raw sewage to leak into the unit and common areas.

I reached out to Luke Gerald with Complete DKI in order to mitigate the damage and get the unit and common areas back on line as soon as possible. The Complete DKI team was onsite that night by l0:30 and performed immediate onsite cleanup once the block was corrected. They were also back out again the following day and the next week to perform additional cleaning, checking the levels of moisture, adjusting the machines and removing any affected material.

They maintained a high level of professionalism and were in constant communication thought the whole process. Their onsite employees were professional and courteous while working through a water damage that was clearly something not just anyone would want to handle.

I would highly recommend Complete DKI as they are a truly professionally company that aims to put the clients first!

Kelly Hooten, CAM
FirstService Residential

Kelly Hooten, CAM, FirstService Residential

Complete DKI has done a outstanding job with my mold remediation and remodeling. I contacted them when I located the mold in my condo. They immediately started the process to get the insurance company out and contain and remove the mold.. Charles did a outstanding job with making sure the work was done properly and in a timely manner. Justin has been incredible! When you have someone in your home it is important that they are respectful, competent, and thorough, that is Justin! I would recommend DKI to any one that needs damage restoration.

Thank you Justin and Charles.

Patsy P.

Our home was destroyed by smoke and fire. Lucky for us we chose to use Complete DKI from the get go. They handled our contents, boarding up the house, and the rebuilding. Loosing your home is so stressful with the loss and then the rebuild. There are always going to be problems. The wife and I have been together 45 years. We have never built a home or even renovated one. Never wanted or needed to till now. With Shaun Carpenter and his DKI business I have no doubt about there looking out for our best interests. Our project manager David Rogers is there when you need him and is very helpful with decisions that have to be made. These are good people to do business with. I fully recommend there service to anyone in need of there service.

Robert Withum

Hello my name is Robert Roy I have lived in Pensacola, FL well over 30 years. Myself and my family were effected from a tornado back in February 2016 when a tree from my back yard was thrown into my dining room ceiling allowing rain water in and flooding my floors also ruining the subfloor along with the outside ac unit being thrown onto it's side causing a refrigerant leak. And other damage to our home my insurance company had an adjuster come out and give me a quick estimate of damages and cost. When I was told that I wouldn't be compensated completely me and my wife were at a complete loss for words later on we called around and talked to many contractors and residential handy men and got the same answer of the repair costs was going to be much higher than we were going to receive from our policy. Once again we were to the point of walking away from the home and destroying our credit for life. Then I was told about Complete DKI from the first moment of talking with Mike Lacie and David Rodgers and the the 2 amazing people who own the business Shawn and Ashley carpenter my stress level lowered tremendously. Their very knowledgeable team came to my place of residence and not only repaired all the damaged components but transferred a complete mess into what I can now call a home once again. I am very pleased with the work performed and the professional staff at Complete DKI and if I ever hear of someone who has storm flood or fire damage to there home or business the first thing out of my mouth will be Complete DKI thank you for reading this review. God bless you and your family's.

Robert R.

I recently attended continuing education classes at Complete DKI and was very impressed with the knowledge of Shaun concerning how they handle the losses he comes in contact with everyday. I would feel confident recommending Complete DKI to any of our customers. Ashley and Shaun made the continuing education classes very interesting and moving along and I would not hesitate to attend further classes.

Tracy Allen

These guys do a first class job. Very professional and (reasonable). I had Brian and Shaun clean up and rebuild a really big mess at our house in Pace after Ivan so that's who we called for my house in Gulf Breeze. It was a mess too, new walls, doors, carpentry, insulation, flooring, windows and they knew the right subs to call for plumbing, wiring, AC. etc. They've only gotten better since they opened the new office. We went by and looked at their new building (it was gutted when they got it) it is amazing inside. We trust them. They show up! and get the work done. I don't have to keep calling. Lee and Susan Whitman

Lee Whitman

DKI is an amazing company with friendly staff and excellent customer service! My house was flooded in the Great Flood of 2014 in Pensacola. After removing the sheet rock DKI placed dehumidifiers throughout my house which helped tremendously!! It was amazing to see the amount of water that purged out of the machines from inside the framing of my house immediately after setting them up. DKI left the dehumidifiers in my house for several days and it took no time for the inside of my house to dry out! Thanks to DKI we were able to move along quickly to the next step in repairing our house. I would highly recommend DKI to family, friends, and everyone!

Stacey Hardy

I'm very glad the adjuster recommended Complete DKI. My experience with them was so different that what I experienced with other restoration companies. After Ivan, my house had to undergo several repairs, many of which I am still not happy with. I wish Complete DKI would have been around then. The crews stayed on the job until it was finished and they made sure that my wife and I were satisfied with everything. I was very surprised at how quick and effective they worked. I highly recommend Complete DKI for water damage restoration.

Bobby Taylor

Dear Brian, Would just like to let you know how professional and delightful your guys were here today. They just came to repair a small drywall puncture caused by work from the adjoining unit. Polite, Efficient, and truly professional.. Ty "I cannot express how pleased my wife and I are with the work performed by Complete DKI after a kitchen fire in the condo next door to our unit and the water damage to our unit that resulted from the sprinklers going off next door. Having suffered through water damage from hurricanes and storms in the past and the frustration that followed dealing with contractors, Complete DKI is now our contractor of choice. The work on our unit was on a fast track to be completed ASAP and was completed without a single glitch. Having worked for engineering and construction companies my entire career; I can say Brian, George, and crew are truly professionals." Tyrone was the gentleman in charge…the young man training with him was polite, hardworking and eager to do a good job....keep it up guys! You have a great crew.

Dennis & Courtney Watts

Dear Brian, Would just like to let you know how professional and delightful your guys were here today. They just came to repair a small drywall puncture caused by work from the adjoining unit. Polite, Efficient, and truly professional.. Tyrone was the gentleman in charge…the young man training with him was polite, hardworking and eager to do a good job....keep it up guys! You have a great crew.

Lynne O’Connor

I recently experienced a water damage in my home. It seemed as if all we needed to do was replace the wood floors. I hired a local wood floor company and not too far into the job they found mold. The wood floor company recommend Complete DKI come out and perform mold remediation. I was out of town when they first came across the mold so Complete DKI met with my adjuster, worked with my insurance company and was very knowledgeable about mold and how to get my home back to normal. I was surprised at how professional their team was and how easy my claim went. I would recommend Complete DKI to my friends and family.

Cynthia Henderson

As a commercial property manager, I have two clients to please; the owner and the tenant. When a problem arises at a facility, it needs to be handled with attention to cost and detail. If money is spent addressing a complaint, the money spent should be a permanent fix to the problem. I have used several mold remediation companies in the past, and tenants are very rarely completely satisfied once the work is done. Usual tenant complaints are of headaches due to mold still in the facility or call weeks later and say the mold had returned. The last time I had a mold problem, I called Complete DKI. They performed the work afterhours so that regular business would not be interrupted. They performed all the mold remediation, and I have not had a single complaint from the tenant. I was very impressed with how thorough the crew was with the mold removal and I was especially pleased at how quickly Complete DKI finished the job. I highly recommend Complete DKI.

Brice Pelfrey, CPM Director of Property Management, Beck Property Company, Inc.